The Year Turns Round Again
The Second Marcher Songbook
Songs for the Seasons:
Winter Songbook (sheet music)
Drive the Cold Winter Away (recording mp3) (sheet music)
Heigh ho, the Winter's Done (sheet music)
Green Growth the Holly (sheet music)
Drive the Dark Away (recording mp3) (sheet music)

Oaken Leaves (lyrics)
The Lark in the Morning (lyrics)
The Year Turns Round Again (recording mp3) (sheet music)

Come Follow (lyrics)
Sunrise (lyrics)

Bregas Wassail (recording mp3) (lyrics)
Mitwold Wassail (recording mp3) (lyrics)
Send the Blighters Packing (recording mp3) (lyrics)

Songs for drinking and merriment:
Gertie (lyrics)
The Hedgehog Song (lyrics)
Meadefolk are Marchers (lyrics)
Three Country Dances in One (lyrics)
Shepherd O Shepherd (recording mp3) (lyrics)
When I Drink That Dawnish Wine (sheet music) (lyrics)
The Widower and the Pig (lyrics)

Songs of Marcher Folk:
The Battle of Applewood (sheet music)
The Bolholt Song (sheet music)
The Boundarymen (sheet music)
Joshua Benson (sheet music)
Kings Stoke vs The Evil Cheese of Upwold (a spoken word performance) (words)

Songs of Love, Loss and Laments:
The Carts Come Home (sheet music)
If You Fall Before You Should (recording mp3) (sheet music)
Over the Stone (lyrics)
We Do Not Mark the Earth Below (recording mp3 - lower quality) (sheet music)
Wait for Me (recording mp3)