Other Marcher Songs
Section Title:
Adorn the Final Harvest Sheaf (sheet music)
All Go Together (recording mp3)
All in a Day's Work (recording mp3)
Blackbirds and Thrushes (lyrics)
(The) Blade Bites Back (recording mp3) (sheet music)
Blow Your Winds O (lyrics)
Burn the Scarecrow (recording mp3) (lyrics)
(The) Chains that Bind (recording mp3) (lyrics)
Dabbling in the Dew (lyrics)
Death and the Talbot (lyrics)
Don't Go Out Alone (lyrics)
Dust to Dust (sheet music)
F*** Off Winter! (recording mp3) (lyrics)
Green Grow the Leaves (recording mp3 Claire Challand)
Harvest Home (lyrics)
Hold the Line (recording mp3)
Jenny Greenteeth (lyrics)
John Barleycorn (lyrics)
(The) Kelpie (lyrics)
(The) Lark in the Morning (lyrics)
March, March (lyrics)
Midwinter's Day (lyrics)
Oats and Beans and Barley (lyrics)
Pleasant and Delightful (lyrics)
Put Your Prickliest Thorns in your Hedges (recording mp3) (lyrics)
(The) Ramsbruck Tup (sheet music)
(The) Relentless Rhythm of the Hammer (recording mp3) (sheet music - no lyrics) (lyrics)
Rolling in the Hay (recording mp3) (lyrics)
Sheep Shearing (sheet music)
Silent Giants (sheet music)
(The) Sons of the Summer (recording mp3) (sheet music)
Strange Dreams (sheet music)
(The) Stockland Cow (recording mp3) (lyrics)
Stuck in the Mud (recording mp3) (lyrics)
Surgery (Stick Your Tools in the Heroes of the Empire) (lyrics)
Then to the Maypole Haste Away (recording mp3 - instrumental) (sheet music)
(The) Year Will Go (sheet music)