The First Marcher Songbook
Battle and rousing songs:
Bringing in the Sheaves (sheet music)
A Marcher At My Side (sheet music)
Marcher Battle Song (sheet music)
Rebel March (sheet music)
Who'll come and join the Beaters (sheet music)

Marcher folk:
Whose Pigs Are These (sheet music)
The Bolholt Song (sheet music)
The Ram of Ramsbruck (about many groups!) (sheet music)

In The Tavern:
The Three Landskeepers (recording mp3) (sheet music)

The Seasons:
The Snow in the Stubble (sheet music)
Chopping Wood (sheet music)

Golden Fields of Hay (recording mp3) (sheet music)
Woodchips in My Hair (sheet music)

Funerals and Laments:
Harvest of the Mournwold (recording mp3) (sheet music)
Only Remembered For What We Have Done (sheet music - 3-part harmony) (sheet music - no harmony)
Bury my Broadsword (recording mp3) (sheet music)